Team Links

  • Far West

    Far West Division of US Ski & Snowboard
  • FIS

    International Federation of Skiing
  • Nastar


    - The race will take place on the upper mountain on the Nastar race course (Coin-op)
    - Please be sure you have registered your athletes on
    - Fill out the 'vitals' information
    - Choose a 'resort team' (not a club team or -
    - Family/Friends Team). Select Squaw Valley from the drop down menu.
    - Agree to the two waivers by checking the boxes
    - Fill in the answer to the question to prove you are not a robot and finalize by clicking on register
    - Walking passes will be available for $15 at the ticket office for non-skiing spectators
  • PSIA-West

    *Our Western Division Mission*
    Promote exceptional standards at all levels and disciplines of snow sport instruction. Build leadership in individuals through education, training and adventure. Inspire a lifelong passion for snowsports, adventure, and the mountain experience. Connect snowsport instructors of the world together in order to share, learn and grow.